Lesson series

Wilderness Survival

Staying alive in the mountains 

What's included?

  • Pre-reading assignments
  • Short self-assessment tools
  • Interactive Videos
  • Live lectures
  • Pre-trip logistics and prep

Wilderness Survival online Class sessions

Prepare for the Practical field-based sessions.

Field trip preparation

Our online Wilderness Survival course provides access all of the pre-trip details and logistics for your course here as well.

Canada West Team

Canada West Mountain School AST courses are taught by our Team of professional Instructors, Guides and Educators

The online portion of our AST-1 course is developed and conducted by Brent Hillier. Brent is one of our Senior AST instructors and has taught more than 100 AST-1 courses over the past 10 years.
Brent Hillier - AST-1 Online course Instructor